Washington State Fair Rollercoaster Landmark

It’s official on Sept. 7, 2013 the Washington State Fair’s wooden rollercoaster received a landmark award. 36 ACE members gathered on the fairgrounds to celebrate the honor. In short, the 78 year old “Classic Coaster” The ACE award noted it’s the last American fairgrounds remaining wooden rollercoasters.

At the event were a group of Fair Board members including Ron Burbach (who is the owner of Funtastic Rides) and John Hinde. The Fair’s CEO was also at the ceremony Kent R. Hojem. ACE Regional representative Lisa Zigweid presented the plaque.

Credit: John Hinde

Puyallup Fair Wooden Rollercoaster
Credit: Bobby Nagy

J. H. Lotz House Puyallup, Washington

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Pacific Northwest Canning Co 1927

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Camp Harmony Japanese Internment Camps

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Puyallup Fair – Old Mill Ride 1940′s / 1950′s

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